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Floreena Forbes

He enjoys going back in time, he has a great knowledge in the history of Country & Rock & Roll Music and somewhat of a Country Music Historian.   He, at times contributes written material to
“Floreena Promotes Country” website, with Floreena
"Drongo Jack's" YouTube Video Interviews, are of stories told by the artists in their own words
Some photo's of artists listed on this page are from interviews over the years, and
those who has met along the way.

Col Hardy & Drongo Jack

Drongo Jack
Playing his part with Reg Poole OAM
Drongo Jack with Anne Conway
Drongo Jack with Jack Pledge



Frankie  Davidson
Interview with Drongo Jack

Olive Bice OAM -  with Drongo Jack

Drongo Jack with
Beverley McShanagg



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