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Floreena Forbes
Fibber's Memories
Fibbers Band Tamworth 2019 - members at this time
L: Allen Gum-Fibber Parker,Floreena Forbes,Doug Alexander & TC Brown

Dennis (Fibber Parker )

"Scrubby" (I never knew his proper name).. long time early days Loco & Tamworth identity..
Hails from Gulgong NSW
When I first met him I asked him what he did in life.. Cheekily he retorted "who's asking"..  He said, I'm a bushman, goat herder, Camel rider, singer, & snake handler.. He become one of the mob, hanging out with Mick James, and his mate Big Jim Westwood.. I come to like this no nonsense bloke with his cheeky outlook etc & we become friends.. the last time I saw Scrubby he was playing backing guitar for Big Jim at one of my shows at The Family hotel..
I embraced his friendship & his capabilities to down a few or more Frothies.
Everyone liked Scrubby. I invite others to tell a tale or two about him..Thanks for the memories mate.. hope to catch up again soon... cheers
1937 - Jul 2019
Bob & I shared many great Memories over the years.. He was born in West Wyalong NSW.  1st met him in the 80s at Hollywood Country Music Club (Dizzyland) Lansvale. A regular after show late night meeting place for Musos. Bob was a popular entertainer on the Sydney circuit. Bob's band backed me when I won the "Marlboro" Belt Buckle.
for Yodelling at John Singletons Lone Star Restaurant in Chinatown Sydney in the 70s.
Later on we reunited in Tamworth. Bob was playing at the Workies with Lee Briton.  A dapper dresser with his six guns strapped to his side and  a hollow top cane that contained Bourbon.. Doc, Bob & I had some crazy, boozy nights in Tamworth. He did some recordings "WHEEL" Label... my favourite track was "She can put her shoes under my bed".. lol.... lost track of him for while, then About 8 years ago he turned up in Tamworth and got up with us a did a couple of Waylon songs.. I kept in touch with him on FB until his passing in July 2019.. He was inducted into the hands of Fame prior.. He also did a 45rpm with Col Joye.. Legendary, popular singer and flamboyant showman who left an everlasting mark on those who made his acquaintance.. I admired this man.. just saying.

Christina George

Award winning Singer, Guitarist, song writer... 1st recorded for Axcent records are Kogarah NSW.. I 1st met Her decades ago at the Loco, Doc asked her to sing a couple of songs with us in the middle bar. Christina obliged & I was wonderstruck with her dulcet voice. Immediately I was a Fan.  She always, without hesitation got up whenever & performed. I know Christina performed with Jimmy Little, Johnny Russell & She toured the Countryside & with the late Bill Davey to Tassie in 1997
.. Her Album "Cottage in The Country" was a hit.  My favourite song of hers was "One Tree Plain".. I think one of her favourites songs which she requested me to sing a couple of times was "Storms Never last ".. I believe it reflected part of Christina's life. At times she had a rocky road.. but has bounced back well. The last time I we spoke was at the Tudor Tavern When she met my Academy & Qld award winning Granddaughter Mackenzie Timms.
Christina now lives down in the Hunter region of NSW.
Truly a beautiful lady & a favourite performing memory of mine & countless others.. Hope we meet again one day in Tamworth.. Please Country Music lovers express your memories of Christina George.. THANKYOU

Hughent James William STONE
Oct 1943 - Sept 2018
First  met great mate Hughie over 4 decades ago in Tamworth.. at the Loco  Hotel. He was performing on footpath with some boys from Dubbo.
He  & I got together as duo in Toowoomba, Gatton, Laidley &  Pittsworth QLD, Where he lived for many years until his passing.  Fondly  known as "The Round Man of Sound"
In 2018 he & I were both awarded recognition awards for Services to Australian Country Music in Dubbo NSW
He  taught guitar to many local children at Pittsworth. We peformed  together at various venues in Tamworth over many years. I could relate  many stories about Hughie but haven't got enough battery in my phone..  lol
He loved Tamworth & all that made his acquaintance  loved  him.. I miss you ole mate.. just saying !!

"WIllie not Nelson"
WILLIE & Joanne Hackett

I first met them in Tamworth back in 1990.. They walked in on Doc & I where we were showing at the Courthouse Hotel
WIllie dressed like Willie Nelson & Jo like Dolly Parton I invited them up & that was the beginning of  decades of close friendship & guest appearances on each of our shows.
Mainly at The Loco & Courthouse hotels. Willie was born in Melbourne (Mexico)
08/07/1942 sadly passing 22/03/16. R.I.P.. Joanne & he married 52 years ago.
Jo was born in Glasgow Scotland. She was nominated for Starmaker in 1997.  Famous
For her Dolly Parton shows.. Truly a beautiful songstress.. her & I performed together many times. We are still in contact today.. She now resides at Mission Beach Q
They had a Restaurant at Harvey Bay for 5 yrs, combining good food & entertainment.
They were part of my 1st Maryborough Qld
Easter CM Festival in 1998, at my Oxford Heritage hotel.  Along with Doc, Bruce McCumstie, Kevin Gray, plus many others..
After Harvey Bay they moved to Lightning Ridge, staking a claim. Being there home base.. for years they travelled NSW. & Qld
Performing everywhere then meeting Doc &  I at Tamworth each January. While not performing Willie drove tractors on many farms around Nth NSW.  Willie was a total Wag with a wicked sense of humour.. a lovable bloke.. Joanne was the only person that could keep him in line... He was definitely an original larrikin and their married life oozed total love for each other.
Our last get together show was at Boggabilla RSL.  Gaye & I have wonderful memories of these two beautiful people..Proud to have them in our life. If any if you have moments of fond meetings.etc with Willie & Joanne Hackett

Wild Bill Davey.. R.I.P.

Gone but not forgotten.. his wife Joy still resides in Tamworth .. we catch up on FB.  1st met Bill at the Loco decades ago.. He asked to Ave A Go.. the rest is history.. he stayed on working with MIck James (Also sadly just passed).. Huey Stone & others.. mainly out on the Loco footpath. I caught up with him and Mick,  when Doc & I were playing the
Camel race circuits in Western QLD. Bill Said & He liked my walk up shows & said he might follow suit back in Tamworth.. Thus he did successfully  at the Tudor Tavern Peel St Tamworth.. in latter  years he did a tour of Tassie.. Good friend of those who knew him.. notables Dally Croft,  Joey JD Croft , Dubby Doubleday  etc. Good mate of mine who became a true identity in Tamworth..I invite those who knew Bill, to say a few words..

Kevin Gunn

Kevin  Gunn.. Deadly Aboriginal Guitarist/Songwriter ... comes from my  Homeland country in the Kimberly W.A.. Still living 2day in Halls Creek  & Fitzroy Crossing with his Cousin Bruce Till. Toured Australia with  Rick & Thel Carey.  Rick actually produced  Kevin's first recording  "Travelling Man" in 1982 at first Matilda Records in Dennark W.A. My  favourite track is "WHITE RABBIT" a brilliant guitar track. I caught up  with him in Tamworth in 1979 at the Loco.. and again in the early 80's  when he did a set with Doc & I at The Courthouse Hotel  Tamworth..  He gave me a signed promotional Photo of himself in 1979... For those  who heard him play guitar, you would agree he was one of the best.. Rick  Carey spoke so of him..
.John "Doc" Riley RIP
Born 28th Aug 1939 Baraba NSW - Died 27th Aug 2020
Personally I miss him heaps. Life long mate
Had 2 brothers & 4 sisters. Doc recorded the 1st 45rpm in Tamworth in a shed behind Radio 2TM. Producers Ross Murphy & Ken Cameron.. CM Records.  Over the years & up until his death Ross recorded all Doc's albums. I was with Doc when in 1991 when he was inducted into the Hands Of Fame..We were appearing together at the Courthouse & Locomotive hotels. I first met Doc in 1980, at Joe Maguires Pub where we did a few songs. Then over to Fred Thomson's Loco
Doc went to USA after the Festival in 1981.
After his return we got together and did gigs in Tamworth, Country NSW and QLD. We performed two years on the QLD Camel
Race circuit with Ricky Shipp & Doug Alexander.  Performed the 1st official Country Music festival for 2 weeks at the Pearl Perch Hotel, Kempsey with Doc, Michael Donovan, Ricky Shipp, Dally Croft &
Doug (pegleg) Lambert. Whilst there we did the Truck Show & Kundabun Rodeo.. Doc was part of the Charity fund-raiser for 1967 Tassie bushfires hense 62 people died.
Our band started the original Walk up shows at Bob O'Byran's Oasis Hotel on Armindale Road.  Over the years our shows were  legendary at The Loco & Courthouse hotels.. we performed at Joe Maguires, Bendemeer, Nemingha, Oasis, Good companions, Royal Manilla, Tavern, Family hotel, Post Office hotel, all Popular Tamworth venues...
Doc was a bit of a ladies man (The women loved him), hard Drinker & Heavy smoker and a bit of a gambler.  Doc was a great straight man for me. He had an infectious personality.  Mozzie Mckinley, Noel Williams, and plus any fill ins who wanted to get up were always welcome. We also played The Gympie Muster twice in the Wine bar.. part off our renumeration was free wine.. Fancy that.. we were pissed by lunch.. Doc played at my pubs often including The Oxford in Maryborough QLD. We started Maryborough's 1st Country Music Easter Festival.
I Could fill pages of this memory tribute to my lifetime music mate. I Loved Doc like a brother.. R.I.P Ole mate... Fibber

Rob Gough
Hails from Charters Towers QLD.
I feel I've know Rob for 93 years.. ha ha
1st met him late 80s/ early 90s.. Loco, Courthouse Hotel & for many years at The Oasis Hotel..
Doc n Me were playing with Noel Williams & a very young Ricky Shipp...
Rob & I still converse regularly.. His recording "Busted Arse Ringer" brought a bit of flack back then.
Rob was a regular for many years in Tamworth..and most, still fondly  remember him..
We both had a great mate from the Rising Sun hotel in Rosewood QLD..Publican, Ron Hook, a regular in Tamworth attending all our shows.  We stayed with Ron when in Brisbane.. Ron has since passed, R.I.P.
Rob is truly a Valued friend of mine.. cheers.

Mark Thompson
Wandering BUSH POET...

I first Met Mark when he turned up at the Pearl Perch Hotel in Kempsey NSW. in 1994.  Doc, Ricky Shipp,Michael Donovan and I were performing.. also doing the Truck Show & Kunlebun Rodeo.
He got up each day and gave substance to the show with his bush poetry.. Still 2day we catch up & chew the fat.. A well known Country Music identity who turns up everywhere????.
A GOOD MATE.. just saying.

"CHICKA" The Dance Man - Willingham..
from Sydney NSW.

I first met him when he turned up at the Loco on 1981.
Whilst Doc & I were playing.. Chicka dressed in black started to dance on his own.. continued for about 2 hours..
For many years he danced in Peel St & around town.. Sadly he passed away about ten years ago..I know he was a Navy veteran, serving in New Guinea during the war years ..He always turned up at my shows, amazing onlookers with his rhythmic dance steps.. Chicka was a familiar regular in Tamworth for over 30 years.. R.I.P Mate.. dancing with the Angels..

Sally-Anne Whitten

It seems so long ago, I think Salley-anne wandered in my Show at The Courthouse Hotel..(I think she was 12 years old) Got up on stage & wowed the fans, aged 15yrs she started out on her musical journey with her Dad...Tamworth born & Bred,Sally won the TIARA Award in 2004. since has won many other awards.. This girl is a bit different combining Country with Blue & Country rock. Sally rocked me when performing on my 2020 Charity Show, "Doing it for our Farmers" at The Pub.. related to the audience that She 1st performed publicly on my Show..  I was overwhelmed, there was a tear in my beer.
Now promoting Country Music on Radio 2TM.. Truly a Lady Gem of Country Music..
 Buy her recording (2021) & enjoy "NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK".. Also I forgot to mention Sally performed with Keith Urban in Tamworth.


First met him when he was busking in Peel St Tamworth, (outside Benos Newsagents).. I think in the late 90s.
Been around for about 20 years.. the famous rooster "Shagalot " sits on his head.
Hails from Renmark/Paringa On the Murray River, living on his houseboat..
In winter, migrates to Daly Waters. N.T. A great bloke with many tales to tell.. True Tamworth identity...I've lost contact


I first met Jim & his lifelong beautiful wife Rhonda, it seems like 93 years ago.. at the iconic Loco Hotel..
I believe in the early 80s.  Doc & I were performing.. Jim got up & did a couple numbers.. The rest is history..
Still,Each year we catch up in Tamworth & Jim does his bit for the show..Proud to still have him as a mate..
Jim The Ulan Cowboy from Mudgee, NSW


The Legendary one man band, Clown, Entertainer & Banana man... Married to beautiful Lyn Guest..
Proud to call him a good mate from way back.. Many years a feature Tamworth busker.. Entertainer, Charity performer & All round good guy.
Puts a Smile on everyone's face..
Has endured some difficult health issues of late.. but has come back hard, somewhat on top again..Thankyou for your memories mate.

MICK JAMES.. The Camel man.. Turned up at the Loco with camels, donkeys, a Dingo..performing out on the footpath..holding Donkey races etc.
.No one really knows where mick come from.. way out WESTERN QLD.. Mates Keno, Scrubby, & many others..
Good Aussie bloke.. Hughie Stone, Mick, Doc n I had a few good drinks or two.. just saying.. Mick's still around out west somewhere..

Bill Armless

My Mate. BILL "ARMLESS"...I Nick named him that because he is Harmless.. got my words stuffed up whilst half pissed back in the early days..
one of my oldest fans & true friend from 93 years him & his Lady, Chris Davis P.S BILL lost an arm in an accident ..hasn't stopped him shaking my hand. Just saying

Dan Keating

My new daily hobby.. sending all you country music loving folks, pictures of my fans, friends & people that have been part of my life.. KEEP LOOKING DAILY.Someone you know or it could be YOU
Just saying..
No1 ....R.I.P Dan Keating EX uncle Bob's Jug 1 of "Fibber’s AVE A GO Shows " Courthouse Hotel, Tamworth NSW
MEMORIES No20. JOE MAGUIRE - Tamworths  Renown & Legendary Long-time Publican until his untimely death in August 1989 aged 68 yrs young!! I first met Joe when I walked into "JOE MAGUIRES PUB" in January 1974, I asked the bloke behind the bar if I could sing a couple of yodelling songs & tell a few jokes with the band playing outback.. Could he ask Mr Maguire if it's OK.. He slipped out & came back a second later & said Joe said its ok.. after I did my stint the bar bloke gave me a beer & said the boss would be impressed.. The Bar lady started to laugh & said..Come on Joe, tell this young fellow the truth.. You're JOE MAGUIRE.. Joe then asked where I was camped to come back 2morro.. I said down by the river.  He the told me to throw my gear up on the end of the old verandah & camp there, further
saying I could help him in the Pub each day of the festival, cleaning, etc & then singing at show time..  Board, breakfast & 20 bucks a day.. how good was this I thought.. until I had to lower 18 gallon kegs down the hole to the cellar.  I DID without fear of complaint.  every year from then on I turned up at Joe's... NOTE: my name back then was Dennis.. Stan Coster gave me the mantle of Fibber quite later.. Stan was a regular at Joe's & told Joe he never heard a bloke (me?) Tell such bullshit stories on stage.  The rest is history?? Joe introduced me to Fred Thompsonn in 1979, publican of the Loco.. I worked for Fred for over 20 years, at the Loco, Courthouse and Bendemeer pubs.  All thanks to Joe Maguire. Joe & Fred were good mates & to this day I credit them both as two of the best Publicans ever in Tamworth. Way back, They were the Corner stone of presenting free PUB Country Music at Tamworth Country Music Festivals for countless years.. I say Joe Maguire was one of the most generous men I've met, up front, good sense of humour unassumingly not shy.. He was a people's man & loved Country folk & their music.. He was my beginning in Tamworth.. Forever thankful to him... I had the pleasure of reuniting with his Son, Pat Maguire recently.  We chewed the fat for over 40 minutes on the phone.. He resides in S.A  at a little country town called Stone Hut.  We have made a date to catch up... just saying.. Im proud to boast I was annointed into the Noses of Fame years ago..solid in concrete to this day at Joe Maguires Pub.. I could tell many more stories but enough for now.. R.I.P Joe Maguire

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